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Take advantage of creative digital solutions and services to help companies grow online. These services also provide an enriching online experience.

Developing your digital strategy

When you want to develop your digital strategy, you need to start by monitoring the market to find out what the trends are and to discover the profile of your consumers. Market intelligence is about finding the inspiration to create your digital content. In developing your strategy, you need to focus your campaigns on the consumer. is an example of a site that has benefited from a good digital strategy.

Website creation
Digital projects

The creation or redesign of a website such as begins with the evaluation of business objectives.

Community management

The community platform is similar to the forum. It is the members who manage and exchange on the subjects.

Natural referencing

Search engine optimization is one of the most profitable channels for attracting visitors to a web portal.

Artificial intelligence takes hold
The AI revolution

Personal assistants and voice assistants are on the rise, given the many systems already available: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana, Apple Siri… Artificial intelligence allows engineers to design robots capable of performing repetitive tasks. The foundations that revolutionised AI appeared in the 1980s and 1990s.

The principle is to allow the computer to benefit from the abilities reserved for the human intellect. That is to say: dialogue, learn by itself, create and predict. The objective of deep learning is to learn difficult tasks that are complicated to program.

Sales development
Web development

Inbound marketing
Successful inbound marketing requires the mastery of 3 levers: careful editorial planning, good use of social networks and a company blog with quality content.
Community Management
Community management encompasses marketing and communication. This 360° function includes all actions aimed at animating, engaging, making visible and promoting Web communication.
Mobile marketing
Originally, mobile marketing was limited to sending or receiving SMS messages. Nowadays, this functionality has been expanded with the advent of responsive websites and the development of mobile applications.

A perfect user experience
Responsive Design

A user experience is a pleasure to use. It is manifested by an attractive visual that arouses interest and provides a pleasant feeling when visiting a site.

Improving the user experience of a web portal requires several components. The components of UX include: graphic design, usability, functionality, etc. For an overview of a perfect user experience, visit Instants Sécurité.

User interface
Interaction design

Graphic design
Creation of a visual identity

Branding design
Brand image and personal marketing

Packaging design
Creating a successful packaging design

Animation design
Motion design and 3D animation

Develop your sales & boost your visibility
Marketing efforts

The challenge of inbound marketing is to formalise a strategy in an action plan so that you can refer to it and develop your strategy. The formalisation of a marketing action plan allows you to plan actions, add precision to your inbound marketing strategy, increase sales and convert more prospects.

Current visibility audit

The algorithmically generated visibility audit examines the semantics of an Internet portal on search engines.

Technical & editorial optimisation

The objective of editorial and technical optimisation is to boost the lexical richness of a site in order to increase incoming traffic.